The Immigration Alliance of Casper (IAC) was created in 2016 by Dalia Pedro Trujillo after moving to Wyoming from Washington state. She quickly realized that Casper, and Wyoming as a whole, did not seem to have resources focused on helping the immigrant community in this rural part of the country. 

Joined by individuals from the community, the Immigration Alliance of Casper took off, working to bring together immigrants and allies and tackling various issues that arose as the policies of the new administration began to target families in our community.

Since its formation, the IAC has worked to increase awareness of immigration rules and procedures, host Know-Your-Rights workshops, facilitate relationships with religious organizations and our immigrant neighbors, and worked on several policy campaigns in Wyoming. 

The Immigration Alliance of Casper is a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit organization. 

The IAC community includes a diverse cross section of the Casper community -  teachers, members of the medical, law enforcement and business communities, community leaders, members of various faiths, mothers, fathers and individuals who are interested in making Casper a welcoming community for all. 

The IAC Leadership Team is currently run by five individuals who care deeply about making Casper a welcoming, diverse community and have dedicated countless hours to organize meetings, education workshops, trainings, community events and much more: Katherine Boehnke, Michele Heaphy, Kimberly Kunckel, Ricardo Ortiz and Scotia Sutherland.